Mining Consulting
Mining Consulting

Mining Services Group


Increasing production and operational excellence through new techniques and technologies ... that's the bottom line.

Whatever you mine or wherever you are in the world, PMR Mining Services Group brings a wealth of expertise to your mine. PMR evaluates mining equipment, people, processes and technologies, then implements international best practices specific to your mine. The result is improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Our mining consulting also extends to include a full suite of Mining Training that educates all staff levels to ensure a more proficient, productive, and effective workforce.

PMR Mining Services Group provides:

• New mine setup and existing mine improvement
• Transport and logistics
• Management efficiency
• Operational efficiency
• Train and truck load out and dump facilities
• Refuse site design, setup, and implementation
• Surface operations design, setup, and implementation
• Preparation plant design, re-design, setup, and implementation
• Complete mine design and projections

We evaluate your current practices, look at where you’re at, and show you how to reach your goals.

Mining Training
PMR’s qualified and experienced mining experts provide training for all levels of personnel throughout the mine. Managers, operators, maintenance, and engineering personnel all benefit..