Safety Consulting
Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting


A safe working enviroment is essential to the welfare of your workforce... and your bottom line!

Your company has a responsibility to create a safe working environment for its employees. An appropriate safety program is essential for the physical well-being of those employees and the financial well-being of your company.

PMR Consulting comprehensively evaluates your site-specific needs, then designs and implements recommendations that put “teeth” into your safety program. With raised safety awareness and better-trained staff, you’ll experience decreased frequency of accidents, lost-time injuries, and OSHA violations, as well as a reduction in insurance premiums.

PMR Safety Consulting delivers:

• Greater safety awareness and better qualified staff
• A safer, more productive working environment
• Fewer recordable incidents
• Reduction in OSHA citations
• Less lost working time due to injuries
• Reduced insurance premiums